Frishberg & Partners is different from many conventional law firms. Unlike most western firms, we have always focused exclusively on Ukraine. For the last two decades we have recruited only the brightest lawyers with solid, hands-on experience. We pride ourselves on our creative, flexible and proactive approach. Our carefully selected team of experienced professionals provides optimal solutions to complex business issues. As a result, we are more responsive and innovative than our colleagues.

We believe that a law firm should not only satisfy its clients' requirements, but proactively address all potential legal issues that may arise in the future. We work extra hard to keep our clients one step ahead of the game. Our decisive, business-oriented approach allows us to meet the needs of our clients today and to anticipate their needs of tomorrow. In short, we provide "one stop" legal support, resolving the full set of legal and tax issues in any assignment.

Last, but not least, we provide clients with highest quality legal advice at reasonable prices. We approach billing from a client's perspective to assure that our services are cost effective. Initial consultations are always free of charge, giving us an opportunity to offer clear and practical advice to potential clients.


Admittedly, Ukrainian labor legislation is cumbersome, archaic and highly bureaucratic, but it does allow for several labor law options in setting up a business structure. For...

Like most Ukrainians, in the past I have always limited my participation in the Presidential elections simply by casting a vote. However, due to the war...

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